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The Best Dentist in Delhi for Ceramic Braces

A perfect smile can be achieved easily. Problems like crooked teeth, gaps, or misaligned bites should not stop you from smiling and living your best life. But that doesn’t mean that traditional metal braces are your only option.

Ceramic braces are a great alternative that are less visible as they are tooth colored and are just as effective as traditional braces. They consist of ceramic brackets that are colored to blend in with your natural smile along with elastic bands that align your teeth into the correct position over time.

We proudly offer this treatment option at our dental clinic Smile Mint Studio where our top quality professionals will help you achieve that perfect smile.

The best dentist in Delhi for ceramic braces

Smile Mint Studio is the leading dental clinic in Delhi and we have been offering ceramic braces treatment to our patients with good results. The clear ceramic braces are used to correct a number of dental issues and enhance the appearance of their teeth and smile.

These braces can fit any smile without being very obvious and they are popular with adults who want to correct their teeth, without anyone knowing. They also cause less irritation to the lips and gums thanks to the rounder and smoother brackets.

These braces can easily accommodate your lifestyle and can deliver results as quickly as traditional braces, making them an excellent choice for people who want the fastest and the most convenient treatment plan available.

In the next section, we have discussed how our expert dentists put on the ceramic braces.

How do our dentists put on the ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces differ from conventional braces in terms of material. When you first visit us, during the consultation, our orthodontists will explain everything regarding the ceramic braces and prepare you for them.

Braces are a non-invasive treatment and the process of getting your braces is relatively easy. Our orthodontists will examine your teeth one final time before going ahead with the treatment to ensure that they are clean and ready for braces. 

The ceramic brackets are attached to each tooth with a high strength, tooth friendly bonding adhesive, designed to keep the brackets in place. The adhesive is further hardened with blue light. 

Our orthodontist will further anchor your braces to your back molars with metal bands. These bands too are bonded with adhesive. The metal archwire is attached to all the brackets and secured in the anchors. The  ends of the archwire are trimmed to prevent the wire from poking the back of your mouth.

This is the process of getting these braces which our orthodontist will follow. In the following section, we have discussed an often asked question – Are ceramic braces for me?

Are ceramic braces for you?

Braces are the quickest way to correct misalignment of the teeth and if you don’t want metal braces getting in the way of your career and lifestyle then ceramic braces are your answer. These braces require fewer dental visits than invisible aligners and deliver quicker results than them.

The treatment plan of the braces depends on individual cases and the duration lasts anywhere between 18 to 24 months. These treatment plans are highly flexible and can be customized according to your needs. They are best suited to patients aged anywhere between the ages of 15 and 55.

If you have decided to opt for ceramic braces then in the following section we have discussed how life is with these braces. 

Life with ceramic braces

Once your braces have been attached to your teeth you can return to your daily routine without having to take any downtime. Your teeth and jaw may feel sore for the first few days but that is normal and our orthodontists can prescribe pain relievers as needed. 

Our orthodontists will advise you on how to care for your ceramic braces and provide you with a list of foods to avoid to prevent damaging or dislodging the brackets or wires. Some foods and beverages are likely to stain your braces.

While modern ceramic is resistant to staining it is still important to brush your teeth after drinking coffee or wine to prevent any unwanted discolorations. Clear elastic bands can be worn with ceramic braces making your braces all the more invisible. 

These bands are prone to discoloration as they are porous and retain color but as long as you limit your intake of foods and drinks that stain, the discoloration will be minimal.

In the past, braces were a corrective treatment for children and teens but now with the advance in technology braces are used to treat anyone and everyone without being too obvious. One such brace is the ceramic brace which works as efficiently as conventional braces in straightening your teeth.

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