Dental Crowns and Bridge

Dental crowns and bridges are common dental restoration procedures performed in SmileMint Studio in Delhi. It helps restore teeth functions such as biting food and rectifies speech issues due to missing teeth. Our dental team frequently performs these two treatments, which holds expertise in placing crowns and bridges on teeth that restore your lost smile and confidence. 

What Are Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are not removable devices. They are fixed to the teeth’ structure with dental cement and can be removed by dentists only.

Dental Crown is a dental cap that is made exactly the size of a real tooth and covers the entire tooth. The dental crowns are made of different materials, and the proper fit is designed according to the material chosen. Crown brings back the normal functionality of the teeth. 

When two or more teeth are made on either side of the teeth gap, they are known as dental bridges. The artificial teeth attached are also known as abutments since they anchor on the teeth gap. 

What Are Crowns and Bridges Made Of?

Different materials are used to make the crowns and bridges according to the patient’s requirements. Usually, materials such as metal alloys, ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, or gold are used to make crown and bridge. 

If it’s all about enhancing the appearance, then porcelain or ceramic materials are chosen. If it is about creating more strength for the missing tooth place, then metal alloys are used in more composition along with porcelain or ceramic. 

How Do Crowns and Bridges Work?

Crowns are used as dental caps covering damaged teeth and strengthening them. They are also used to improve the appearance of the teeth along with their alignment and shape. Crown is also used on dental implants to support the implants by giving a tooth-like structure for the regular functioning of the teeth. 

Some of the reasons to recommend dental crowns are:

  1. For attaching a bridge
  2. To protect a weakened tooth from any fractures
  3. For covering a dental implant
  4. For covering the empty tooth socket after root canal treatment
  5. For covering a tooth that is discolored

Bridges are recommended to fill the missing tooth gaps. The missing gaps can create issues with biting and speaking. Here are some of the reasons that the dentist may recommend for bridges:

  1. For restoring the smile
  2. For maintaining the shape of the face 
  3. For restoring the ability to speak and biting
  4. To prevent the drifting off of remaining natural teeth

Dental Crowns Vs. Dental Bridges 

Dental crown primarily covers an existing tooth, but dental bridges fill the empty space due to the missing tooth. Another difference between the two procedures is that the dental bridge cost can be slightly higher than the dental crowns. 

How to Care for Crowns and Bridges?

After the procedure, the anesthetic effect takes time to wear off. It is important to have only soft foods and avoid hot and cold foods for this duration. Brushing and flossing are to be done carefully for the first 24 hours. You may experience swelling and pain, and sensitivity for some time. Take the medications suggested by the dentist to be relieved the discomfort. 


1. How Long Do Bridges and Crowns Last?

The bridges and crowns last for a lifetime if healthy oral practices are followed. At times the crowns or bridges may get loosened, and with the dentist’s assistance, they can correct such issues.

2. How to Prepare for Bridges and Crowns?

When you arrive for a bridge or crown procedure, provide the dental team with your complete medical history and find out complete details about the procedure and the post-op care to be followed after the procedure. It helps in preparing yourself for the bridges or crown treatment. Also, find out about cost plans for the procedures and contact your dental insurance provider for coverage details. 

3. Are the Procedures of Bridges and Crowns Painful?

The procedures are not painful since anesthesia will be induced during the process. 

4. What to Expect After the Completion of Bridges and Crowns Treatment?

Post-treatment, there can be mild soreness and discomfort while biting foods. Since it takes little time for the teeth structure to adjust to the bridges and crowns, there can be slight changes even in speech. 

5. What Is the Cost of Crowns and Bridges?

On average, the cost of dental bridges can be between Rs. 5000- Rs.20000.

The cost of dental crowns depends on the type of crowns you choose:

Metal – Rs.3000-Rs.5000

Porcelain – Rs. 6000 – Rs.9000

Ceramic – Rs. 9000 – Rs12000

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