Invisible Braces Procedure in Delhi

Invisible Braces Procedure in Delhi

What Are Invisible Braces?

As the name suggests these braces are invisible to the onlookers since it is made from a transparent and medically approved plastic material in the form of trays that are also removable. These braces are also known as Invisalign and the best dentists suggest this in Delhi since they do not contain metal wires or brackets, unlike traditional braces.

The invisible braces are custom-made by taking a proper impression of the teeth’ structure and are more beneficial since they are made strong enough to exert the required amount of pressure on the required parts of the teeth for the aligning treatment. Invisible braces are very comfortable, align teeth healthily and are also aesthetically appealing making them the best teeth alignment option available in the world of dentistry.

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisible Braces Treatment?

You will be considered an eligible candidate for the invisible braces in Delhi if you have any of the following dental issues:

The gaps in the teeth formed due to the missing teeth or abnormal growth of the jawbone would need invisaligners.

When the jaw does not have enough space for the teeth then it causes overcrowding leading to cavities that lead to further complicated dental issues.

A dental condition called underbite in which the lower part of the teeth is more extended than the upper teeth causes biting issues.

Overbite issues in which the upper teeth are extended more than the lower part of the teeth cause jawbone dysfunction and also lead to speech issues.

Another dental issue that requires invisible braces is crossbite in which the upper and lower part of the teeth does not align with each other and causes loss of bone or severe gum diseases.

Benefits of Invisible Braces 

  • They are very comfortable to wear in comparison to traditional braces.
  • There will be no cuts or nicks in the mouth since there will be metallic wire edges.
  • There are no noticeable brackets, metallic wires or bands that will highlight the treatment.
  • Food debris does not get stuck in the invisible braces since they can be removed while eating.
  • Invisalign does not disturb the oral hygiene routine since it is removed each time for brushing and flossing.
  • You can smile without any hesitation even during the treatment since the braces are not as visible as the traditional ones.
  • Invisalign does not affect the speech of a person. The traditional braces at times create speech issues since the braces come between the pronunciations of some words hindering flawless communication.
  • There will be no issues of staining and cleaning since the removed invisible braces can be cleaned with just a toothbrush and the stains on the braces can be removed by just mild scrubbing.

Procedure for Invisible Braces for Teeth in Delhi

Initial Dental Examination – To begin with, the treatment, the dentist in Delhi does a thorough examination of the dental structure to ensure that the braces treatment is not affected by any ignored dental condition.

Imaging of the Teeth Structure – X-ray imaging and 3D scan images are used to check the complete teeth structure to design the aligners.

Treatment Plan – With the 3D images taken, your dentist will explain the treatment procedure by showing the teeth’ structure with the expected duration for completion of the treatment.

Designing of Invisalign Braces – To design customized braces for the dental structure, an impression of the complete teeth structure is taken.

Frequent Follow-Ups – Once the designing of braces is done they will be given to you and you will have a follow-up session with your dentist once in 3 weeks to check for the aligning progress and will be given different braces to put the required pressure according to the progress of the alignment.

Duration for Invisible Braces Treatment Process

The duration of the invisible braces orthodontic treatment in Delhi depends on the following factors:

The duration depends on how complicated the misalignment is. If the misalignment is minimal then the time taken will be lesser and more time is needed if there are more overbite or underbite issues.

The process of aligning the treatment is possible only when the teeth and gums are healthy. They can get unhealthy when proper oral hygiene is not followed and due to bacterial activity cavities are formed. The braces have to be removed for treating the cavities and this process delays the invisible braces treatment extending its duration.

Proper care has to be taken off the invisaligners. There can be some the factors such as losing the braces if it breaks or have to be repaired often and usage of a mouthguard is neglected that can lead to a delay in the duration of the treatment.

The Invisalign has to be worn for atleast 22 hours per day. If this is followed diligently then the treatment will be finished at the planned duration.

Age is also another factor that affects the treatment duration. The teeth may take longer to respond to the Invisalign treatment in a fully grown adult and it would take relatively lesser time in teenagers as the growing stage helps in aligning the teeth quicker and better. The braces’ cost can vary since it depends on various factors.

With the advancement of technology happening rapidly, the invisible braces dental procedures prove to be one of the notable dental treatments that are approached by many including popular celebrities from different platforms in Delhi.




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