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Dental issues require immediate treatments once diagnosed since the further spread of the issue can be avoided and maintains good oral health. Few dental issues do not show any symptoms until they reach a stage of complications that requires surgery. SmileMint Studio is one of the popular dental clinics in Delhi that has high-quality materials and high-end technology used by experienced dental surgeons to resolve complicated dental issues that majorly involve gums and jawbone. 

What Is Oral Surgical Procedure? 

The oral surgical procedure involves incision and operation that is done to the teeth, gums and surrounding areas in facial structure. 

Reasons for Oral Surgical Procedure 

Some of the reasons that raise the need for oral surgery are:

  1. Missing teeth 
  2. Gum diseases 
  3. Broken teeth 
  4. Teeth that are extensively decayed
  5. Impacted teeth 
  6. Loss of the jawbone
  7. Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ/TMD)

Benefits of Teeth Surgery

Long-Term Tooth Replacement

 One of the best tooth replacement procedures is dental implants that provide a long-term restoration for the missing tooth. Though dentures and bridges are alternate methods, if the tooth root is damaged then these alternative methods cannot fix the issue. Hence a surgical procedure is required to replace the root with the implant device to hold the dental crown. 

Avoids Permanent Damage

The jaw problems get severe at times affecting the maxillary or mandibular joints issue and unless it is treated with surgery it may continue to affect them. The replacement of bone tissue is possible with a bone grafting surgical procedure that will bring back the lost smile. 

Addressing the Underlying Issues

 It is important to diagnose and address the underlying dental issues and it involves performing the required dental surgery to protect the tooth roots along with recognizing the symptoms of the dental issue. 

Restoring Positivity and Confidence

 With the help of oral surgeries, you can regain a beautiful smile enhancing your appearance and also increasing your positivity and confidence levels in you.

Prevents Loss of Tooth

Restoration of the tooth that is lost due to an infection or injury is possible with oral surgeries. But the surgery needs to be done on time. 

Creating a Beautiful Smile

Multiple facial issues such as missing teeth, gum recession, cleft palate, misalignment of the jaw and also tumours in the mouth can be resolved with oral surgeries. 

Different Types of Oral Surgical Procedures

Extraction of Wisdom Tooth 

In a situation where a wisdom tooth does not have space to grow hey leads to different dental issues such as severe pain and infection in gums or teeth. Dental surgeons generally suggest extraction of the wisdom tooth. 

Root Canal 

This is one of the common oral surgical procedures conducted to save teeth structure from infections and pain. When there is an infected tooth it also affects the pulp of the tooth that has connecting tissues, nerves and blood vessels of the teeth structure. The infected pulp gives a lot of pain and swelling and causes discomfort. Root canal procedure removes the infected pulp and avoids further damage and spread to the entire teeth structure. 

Reconstructive Surgeries 

When there is severe dental damage due to any accidents and sports injury it can be quite traumatic since it affects the overall facial appearance. Soft tissue damage and facial bone fractures can lead to reconstructive surgeries that correct the bone structure and alignment of the jaw. 

Cosmetic Surgery 

It is also known as a smile makeover that focuses on enhancing on improvising your smile by clearing different dental issues. Cosmetic surgeries may not be medically needed but they will enhance the teeth structure to give a confident smile. 

Post-Op Care for Tooth Surgical Procedure 

  1. In the oral surgical procedure, post-op care plays an important role as the surgery itself. 
  2. Immediately after surgery, it’s important to avoid any strenuous activities for 24 hours. 
  3. For bleeding after surgery, use gauze for atleast 30 minutes and use another one if required to control the bleeding. 
  4. Take the prescribed medications by dentists since it is very important to avoid any infections in the surgical area and also to reduce the pain. 
  5. If there is swelling use an ice pack on the facial area to reduce it. 
  6. After the second day of surgery, use a heat pack on the facial area to get relief from pain. 
  7. Consume only soft foods as it will be helpful to bite easily during the healing process. 


1. Who Performs Oral Surgery?

An oral surgeon, also known as a maxillofacial surgeon, performs oral surgery. Endodontists and periodontists also perform oral surgeries.

2. Who Can Use Damon’s Braces as a Part of the Treatment?

A dental surgeon does a complete evaluation of your dental situation with necessary X-rays and scans to get a clear picture of teeth, gums, nerves, and tissue structures. On evaluation, the required oral surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure under sedation. On completion of the surgery, you will be prescribed medications and post-operative care details that need to be strictly followed for the success of the treatment. 

3. What Is the Duration of an Oral Surgical Procedure?

The duration of an oral surgery depends on different factors, such as the type of surgery, the number of teeth involved in surgery, the depth of infection, and even sedation techniques. Dental surgeries can take as less as 30 minutes or as long as 3-4 hours, depending on the procedure.

4. What Is the Recovery Time for Oral Surgical Procedures?

The recovery periods differ from person to person. Most people will return to normal activities in a week or so. The medications help you recover faster from the pain and discomfort caused by dental surgeries.

5. Does Dental Insurance Cover Oral Surgical Procedures?

Most insurance companies cover oral surgical procedures under medical insurance. You must contact your insurance provider to know if it will cover part or part or complete expenses of the treatment. Until they reach a stage of complications that requires surgery, SmileMint Studio is one of the popular dental clinics in Delhi with high-quality materials and high-end technology used by experienced dental surgeons to resolve complicated dental issues that involve gums and jawbone.

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