Self Ligating Damon Braces

Are you facing the issue of misaligned teeth accompanied by underbite or overbite and looking for an orthodontic device that does not draw much attention from the onlookers? We at SmileMint Studio recommend self-ligating Damon braces that help in reducing the gap between the teeth. 

What Are Self-Ligating Damon Braces?

Self-ligating damon braces have almost the same components as traditional braces, such as archwires and brackets, but the difference is that self-ligating braces do not have rubber bands to hold the brackets in their place. Another remarkable thing about damon self-ligating braces is that the brackets to hold archwires are made transparent to make them less visible to onlookers, and they do not need any additional rubber bands to hold them. It makes the self-ligating braces treatment more effective and appears to look more streamlined. 

Benefits of Self-Ligating Damon Braces

  1. They contain smaller orthodontic brackets that make wearing braces more comfortable 
  2. Self-ligating braces give a more discreet look since the accessories of braces are not very colorful and visible
  3. The duration of the treatment will be shorter since there is no changing of elastic bands. 
  4. You can easily maintain the braces in self-ligating by brushing and flossing in comparison to traditional ones since the food debris will not get stuck between the braces. 
  5. The damon brackets cause very less discomfort.

Self-Ligating Damon Braces 

Our expert dental team at SmileMint Studio recommends these popular self-ligating damon braces treatment to all who want to correct their misaligned teeth. 

Candidate for Damon Braces 

The following is the list of dental issues that are considered eligible for self-lgating braces treatment:

  1. Crooked teeth
  2. Jaw problems
  3. Crowded teeth
  4. Underbite 
  5. Overbite 

Advantages of Damon Braces for Teeth


The brackets used in Damon braces are transparent, making it less visible to the onlookers, making it an aesthetically appealing device.


The duration for self-ligating brackets treatment is as less as 6-8 months compared to traditional braces, which take 2-3 years to achieve the goal. 

Reduced Pain and Discomfort:

In Damon braces, the pressure applied to align the teeth is minimal. With minimal pressure comes minimal pain and discomfort, making the treatment process less uncomfortable for the patient. 

Easier Cleaning Process:

The components involved in the Damon braces are lesser when compared to the traditional ones, making keeping them clean easy. 

Lower Chances of Bacterial Formation:

The device materials used in the Damon braces are less, giving lesser chances to the bacteria to make a place for themselves between the braces. 

Protects Teeth Enamel:

The lesser friction caused by Damon braces results in lesser erosion of the teeth enamel. 

Tips for Caring for Orthodontic Damon’s Braces 

  1. Use a toothbrush that is specifically designed for braces
  2. Brush well between the braces to avoid any plaque formation
  3. The usage of a floss threader for flossing is important
  4. The food debris may get stuck in the narrow spaces of teeth, so it is suggestible to use a water irrigator to remove them.
  5. Rinse with mouth after each round of brushing to ensure that the cavities and bacteria are washed out
  6. Hard and sticky foods are to be avoided since they can loosen the braces
  7. The Damon braces constantly work on aligning the teeth; hence it can cause a certain amount of soreness, so to reduce the discomfort, take the painkillers suggested by your dentist. 


1. Are Self-Ligating Damon Braces Unsafe to Wear Since It Works Quickly?

Not at all. These braces apply gentle biologically-sensible pressure that causes lower friction while aligning the teeth. So it is completely safe to wear self-ligating Damon braces. 

2. Who Can Use Damon’s Braces as a Part of the Treatment?

Teenagers and adults with misalignment issues can choose self-ligating Damon braces to correct the alignment. 

3. How Often Self-Ligating Damon Braces Should Be Tightened?

Self-ligating Damon braces need to be tightened, but not so often. The dentist will check them during each dental visit for their functionality. 

4. What Foods to Eat Initially After Placing the Damon Braces?

The self-ligating braces are easy to place, and you will need little time to adjust and get used to them since you cannot have any hard foods that may damage the braces; you can choose to eat soft foods such as yogurt, vegetables that are softly cooked, soft fruits, mashed vegetables like potatoes and cauliflower. 

5. Are Self-Ligating Braces Expensive?

Self-ligating braces are slightly more expensive than traditional braces since they use transparent brackets and advanced technology that does not require the usage of rubber bands to hold the braces making it more of a convenient option that causes very less discomfort but works very effectively. 

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