dental crown at low cost in delhi

Dental Crown at Low Cost in Delhi: Where to Get the Best Dental Crown?

A smile is the most attractive part of anyone’s face. And a missing tooth or a chipped tooth or a broken tooth not only decreases its appeal but also hinders you when you are eating food. 

The solution for this comes in the form of a dental crown. A dental crown is a cap that is placed over your tooth and it restores the function and the look of your tooth. It also completes your smile, enhancing it.

The treatment of the dental crown is suggested by the dentist and it is a final step in many dental procedures. It is an effective restoration treatment enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your smile. In this article, we discuss where to get the best dental crown at low cost in Delhi

Dental Crown at low cost in Delhi

The cost of a dental crown depends on many factors. We have listed them below:

  1. The material used to design the crown
  2. The number of dental crowns required
  3. The location of the dental clinic
  4. The kind of sedation you require to get this procedure done
  5. The complexity of the procedure
  6. The consultation charges of the dentist

The price of dental crown ranges from dental clinic to clinic and the materials used plays a huge role in this. In the next section, we discuss the different types of dental crowns  available on the market.

Types of Dental Crowns

We have listed the different types of dental crowns available:

  • Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are made of base metal alloy like gold, nickel, or chromium. These crowns are quite sturdy and can easily withstand the chewing or the biting forces. They do not wear off or chip off easily. The only drawback is the color which makes it easily identifiable spoiling the aesthetic look of your mouth.

  • Porcelain fused to metal 

Here the porcelain is fused to the metal as the name suggests. The outer layer of the crown is made from porcelain giving your teeth a natural look while the metal crown lends it strength and durability. The drawback of this dental crown is that the porcelain finish may wear off over time making the metal inside visible.

  • All Ceramic or All porcelain Dental crowns

These dental crowns are the best when it comes to giving a natural appearance to your teeth and are also suitable for people who are allergic to metal. They don’t have as much strength as PFM or metal crowns and are more suited to the front teeth as they have less biting force.

The cost of these dental crowns vary with metal crowns bearing the lowest cost. In the next section, we have discussed an often debated topic  – Are dental crowns worth it?

Are dental crowns worth it?

The simple answer to this question is a resounding Yes. Yes, they are worth it. Whether it is to restore a weak tooth or protect it after a root canal treatment, or to have a great smile, they are a long term investment that improve the look and function of your teeth. They enhance your health and appearance.

Dental crowns or a cap are preferred by most dentists as a restoration procedure. It is a versatile treatment that has many uses and creates a positive impact on your lifestyle. There are many types of dental crowns available on the market that protect your teeth from further damage. 

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