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The Best Invisible Dental Braces Clinic in Delhi: All There Is to Know

Braces have come a long way in recent years. And the field that exclusively deals with dental braces is called orthodontics. This field deals with straightening your teeth and correcting different types of bites so that you enjoy great oral health and get the perfect smile at the same time.

Poor alignment of the teeth can lead to many dental problems that can impact your health. The answer to this problem is braces. But traditional metal braces are not the only choice available. 

Invisible braces have revolutionized the field of orthodontics. They are a set of transparent trays made up of biocompatible medical grade material and work just like traditional braces. In this article, we discuss invisible dental braces in detail and shed light on the best invisible dental braces clinic in Delhi.

How do invisible dental braces work?

Invisible braces are a very popular treatment, but not many know how they work. So, before discussing how invisible dental braces work, let’s first understand how teeth are moved into alignment.

In traditional braces, the brackets are placed on your teeth and a wire is slid into the slots present on the brackets. Then this wire is tightened so that the force is applied to the teeth to bring them into alignment.

Slow and sustained force is applied to bring the movement of the tooth. Once the teeth move into the desired positions it takes some time for them to adjust. The same principle is applied in the case of invisible braces as well.

Invisible braces are designed in such a way that each set of upper and lower trays apply force on the teeth to bring about the desired tooth movement as planned by the orthodontist. Each set of invisible aligners are required to be worn for 2-3 weeks before switching to the next set.

The benefits of invisible braces

Getting your teeth straightened by invisible braces has many benefits. We have listed them below:

  1. Comfortable:

    They are extremely comfortable to wear. This is because there are no wires and brackets present like traditional braces. So, there will be no poking or pricking, or any braces related injuries

  2. Aesthetic:

    Invisible braces are associated with great aesthetics making them so popular. While traditional and ceramic braces are very visible to one and all, it is very difficult to discern invisible braces when worn. They allow you to smile freely without making you self conscious. 

  3. Super Convenient:

    Conventional braces are difficult to maintain and having good dental hygiene with them on, becomes a problem. Wearing invisible braces is nothing like wearing traditional ones. You can easily maintain your oral hygiene without any hassles as you are supposed to remove them when eating, brushing and flossing.

  4. Minimum Maintenance:

    Maintaining your invisible braces is very easy and hardly requires any special care. Gently brush them and wash them if you feel they have gotten dirty. 

These are the benefits you can enjoy when you opt for invisible braces. In the next section, we have discussed the process of acquiring these braces.

What is the process of invisible braces?

First the orthodontist will make records of your teeth, gums and other structures in the mouth. An X-ray will be taken to study the facial skeleton. Putty impressions of your lower and upper teeth are taken and sent to the lab.

A treatment plan will be designed and the orthodontist will show how your teeth are supposed to look at each stage of the treatment along with the final result. Depending on this treatment plan your invisible trays will be created, one set for your upper jaw and one for your lower jaw.

The orthodontist will explain the whole procedure of wearing and removing your trays and will give you all the do’s and don’ts associated with them.

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