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What to Expect in Dental Braces Clinic in South Delhi?

What Are Dental Braces?

Do you feel often that your teeth are misaligned? Do you see biting issues due to it and want t resolve it? If you are in South Delhi and your dentist is suggesting dental braces, it may be causing some concerns in you filled with questions about what to expect in dental braces. Here we give detailed information about the dental braces process in the clinic that will answer many of the questions.

The orthodontic device that constantly moves the teeth with pressure to align them back in a straight line to give an aesthetic smile for life is known as dental braces. It also gives long-term oral health that avoids many dental issues that come along with crooked teeth.

Reasons for Choosing Dental Braces in Delhi

Teeth Gap – This is one of the main reasons people opt for dental braces. When the gap between the teeth is too much it makes the teeth appear very large and also makes the smile very awkward. The gap sometimes is too much which gives the impression that the tooth is missing. These gaps lead to biting issues and the food debris gets stuck between the gap making the gums sensitive and leading to periodontal diseases.

Overbite – In this dental condition, the upper front teeth appear to be more forward than the lower set of teeth. This commonly appears more in kids and the further the teeth get the more dental issues kids face such as bleeding of the lower lip, biting issues and even gum diseases.

Underbite – In this, the lower teeth is overlapping the upper teeth. This leads to biting issues and can also lead to speech issues. The risk of having a dental injury is prominent in an underbite and few cases face pain is also experienced.

Speech Issues – The misalignment of the teeth leads to pronunciation issues. The common things noticed in speech issues are while talking people stutter, whistle and also slur. The pronunciation of some of the letters is also hard with severe teeth misalignment.

What to Expect in Dental Braces Treatment in South Delhi?

The dental braces treatment begins with the dentist taking x-rays of the dental structure to know the severity of the teeth misalignment. This gives a clear picture of the placement of the braces and the duration of the treatment.

The teeth braces include brackets, arch wires and rubber bands.

To begin with the treatment, a cheek retractor is placed to ensure that the teeth are dry until the procedure is done. The teeth are completely cleaned and polished and also air-dried. The adhesive material is applied to the teeth and the brackets are properly placed on the teeth. On completion of brackets placement, the excess cement is removed and high-intensity light is used to harden the cement for firm placement of brackets.

After this, the archwires are put inside the brackets and the end of the wires are attached to the molar teeth at the back of the jaws. The elastic bands are added at the end to ensure that the braces are held properly.

Teeth braces start working just a few hours after their placement. Initially, there will be slight discomfort and pain as the pressure starts to build on the braces to move the teeth slowly. The pain and discomfort may stay for about a week. Some of the changes you may notice during this adjusting period are sore gums, scratches on the cheeks due to the presence of metal brackets and soreness in teeth while chewing food.

The braces need tightening once in a while and some of the dentists give a monthly appointment to check on the braces and tighten them. During such follow-up appointments, the wires will be changed; the springs and bands are tightened to ensure additional pressure on the teeth to move.

The braces treatment goes on for almost 2-3 years depending on the severity of the misalignment.

On completion of the treatment, all the attached devices of braces are removed and it may cause slight discomfort during the removal. The dental glue is complete and the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. To ensure that the treatment results last longer and the teeth should not move from their corrected position due to the absence of the braces, the dentist provides retainers to the patient. The retainer is a device that keeps the aligned teeth in their position. It does not cause any discomfort and has to be worn for fewer hours day or night as suggested by the dentist.

In this way, dental braces treatments are performed by the best of the dental clinics in South Delhi. Ensure to have good oral hygiene practices daily for a successful treatment of dental braces that gives you the most beautiful smile ever that lasts for a lifetime.

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