All on 6/8 Dental Implants in Delhi

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Having dental issues is a common scenario but if the dental issue persists into a serious scenario that leads to loss of the bone and a completely decayed tooth that cannot be saved then dental implants work as a saviour to save the tooth structure by regenerating the bone growth in the jawbone. Tooth implant has been here for some time now, but the latest technological update in the dental industry brings the 6/8 implant treatment that acts as the support system to provide a completely new dental structure that is long-lasting and also efficient to perform the teeth activities. 

All on 6 8 Implant

Overview of 6/8 Dental Implants 

Dental implants are very effective when there is damage to the jawbone due to the absence of teeth. When the jawbone does not function due to the missing teeth, it may lead to an irregular shape of the face since the jawbone density is lost. To regenerate the bone, it should be strengthened and stabilized since the success rate of the crown placement depends entirely on the bone strength. Having multiple dental implants provides massive support to the teeth’ structure. 

6/ 8 dental implants refer to the implantation of 6/ 8 titanium screws in the jawbone structure surgically to enhance the replace the facial structure and also to provide the required support to hold the multiple dentures or crowns for restoring the biting and speech functionality of the mouth. 

A complete dental examination is done by the dental team to know if 6/8 implants are needed. They make a detailed plan for implant placement to ensure that the patient gets good fit implants that also assure comfort factor along with neatly aligned teeth. The expert dental surgeons in SmileMint Studio perform the 6-8 implant surgery that restores your realistic smile along with the other teeth functions such as chewing and biting your favorite food and also the clear pronunciation of the words. 

Who Can Choose 6-8 Implants?

Certain health conditions like diabetes or the one who is more into tobacco consumption are under the radar of losing most of the teeth at an earlier stage of life itself since the teeth’ bone structure gets weaker. This leads to the loss of multiple teeth or the damage of the teeth to an extent that requires all teeth to be removed and replaced. 6-8 implants act as the best alternative to dentures since implants stay intact on gums permanently so there will be no fear of them slipping out of the mouth structure. 

What to Expect from 6-8 Implants?

The usage of 6-8 implants helps in the regeneration of the jawbone leading it to function normally even with the artificial teeth since the jawbone is integrated with the implants. 

The dental crowns attached to the abutment of implants not only look natural but also function just like normal teeth. 

There will be no need for temporary prosthetics for 6-8 implants since the crowns are attached in just a few days after implants contrary to the traditional single implants that take months together to fix the dentures on it. 

All-on implants are highly beneficial since it avoids the cost and lengthy procedures of placing single implants one after the other. So a single surgery will be enough to place 6-8 implants. 


1. What Is the Duration for 6-8 Implants Treatment?

The duration for 6-8 implants is just two dental visits. On the first visit, dental examinations and taking teeth impressions are done for crowns. In the second visit, the implants and crown teeth are placed. The healing period will be at least three months. Taking good care during the healing period is very crucial for the success of the treatment. 

2. What Is the Difference Between 4 Implants and 6-8 Implants?

The only difference between 4 and 6-8 implants is the number of implants placed on the gum line. The more number of implants gives more stability and strength to the teeth structure. 

3. Are 6-8 Dental Implants Expensive?

The implants are naturally expensive since the techniques and materials used are expensive. The dental pieces of equipment and the dentist fees also will be added to the treatment making it a bit expensive since it is a permanent solution for missing teeth, but it is worth every penny since it is a permanent solution and stands as a stronger teeth replacement. 

4. Can 6-8 implants be done on the same day?

The implant placement and the temporary dentures can be placed on the same day. The permanent dentures will be placed on the implants after a few months.

5. Do 6-8 dental implants need replacement?

The implant materials are medically approved and are of high quality that lasts up to 10-20 years, and it lasts longer than this duration when maintained well. Some patients may need replacement once in their lifetime according to the requirement.

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