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Pulpotomy Meaning

 Pulpotomy is a dental treatment used to resolve the issue of severely decayed or cracked teeth in kids. The primary reason for the decay and cracking of the tooth can be increased cavities and infection of the tooth in the pulp chamber of the tooth. To stop the further spread of infection pulpotomy procedure is conducted in which the infected pulp is completely removed. The negligence in removing infected pulp tissue leads to severe pain and inflammation in the pulp, which is called pulpitis in dental terms. It can also lead to biting and chewing issues. 

Pulpitis is commonly seen since the tooth roots in children are not completely strong, making the tooth vulnerable to infections. Pulpotomy is performed on permanent teeth, and root canal treatment will also be done for higher success rates. 


Need for Pulpotomy  

SmileMint Studio lists some of the circumstances that may require your child to undergo a Pulpotomy:

  1. When there is a crack in the tooth
  2. Severe tooth decay accompanied by pain
  3. Failure of dental filling leading to exposure of the pulp
  4. Damages to the tooth that is on the exposed pulp
  5. When there is the failure of, the composite resin restoration method
  6. High inflammation in the tooth pulp

Candidates for Pulpotomy 

The person’s overall health must be important to ensure that the patient has no bacterial infections post the pulpotomy procedure. If the medical history details reveal that the person has any chronic health issues, then the pulpotomy procedure will not be recommended. 

Pulpotomy Procedure

Pulpotomy in the dental office may take approximately 45 minutes to complete. As this procedure is performed on the kids, they must be made more comfortable to ensure that they are in comfortable clothing and also keep the things handy that may make them comfortable. 

Pulpotomy can be performed on single or multiple teeth, and the dental team involved in this procedure is pedodontists, endodontists, and general dentists. 

Firstly a dental x-ray is taken to know detailed information about the level of infection since pulpitis may, at times, affect even the bone and tissues of the tooth structure. 

Secondly, on completion of diagnosis, the procedure is started with the inducing of anesthesia, and the infected tooth is isolated from blood and saliva with a rubber device. 

Thirdly, the decayed part of the tooth is removed, and on its removal, the infected pulp is exposed and removed. 

Fourthly, the remaining tooth is sealed with the help of calcium hydroxide. It is a safe, biocompatible material generally used in endodontic treatments. 

Fifthly, it is important to protect the tooth since the presence of pulpitis will weaken it. The weakened tooth may lead to injuries or fractures. To protect such tooth crown is placed on it. 

How to Care for the Teeth Structure After Pulpotomy?

  1. Mild bleeding is common post-procedure, and it will subside by itself after a few hours of the procedure. 
  2. It is suggested not to consume any foods until the effects of anesthesia wear off. 
  3. No activity should strain the surgical area until the healing procedure is completed.
  4. Consume only soft foods.
  5. Once the effect of anesthesia wears off, there may be slight pain and discomfort. Ensure that you take the medications given by your dentist to reduce them. 
  6. Post-procedure, it is common to see some swelling in the surgical area. It will subside in a few days after the procedure. 
  7. Visit your dentist only if the swelling gets excessive and painful, even after a few weeks of the procedure.


1. What Is the Difference Between Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy?

In Pulpotomy, the infected pulp on the affected tooth is only removed, whereas the pulpectomy focuses on removing all the infected pulp and filling the empty root space with dental cement. 

2. Will There Be Nerve Removal in Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy removes part of the nerve that is infected. The rest of the healthy nerves are preserved as it is for further growth of them. 

3. How to Control Bleeding After the Pulpotomy?

Place a cotton pellet wet with saline water in the exposed pulp area and apply slight pressure to control the bleeding. 

4. Is the Pulpotomy Procedure Always Successful?

Yes, the pulpotomy success rates are always as high as 90%-95%. 

5. Is Pulpotomy the Same as a Root Canal?

No, Pulpotomy is different from root canal treatment. In Pulpotomy, only the top most pulp under the tooth is removed. But the invasion is much deeper in the root canal, and the entire tooth pulp is removed before sealing the tooth root.

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