Dental Veneers Treatment in Delhi

Dental Veneers

The first thing people notice upon meeting you is your smile. A smile displays the enormous confidence that a person has and when there are any minor deformations in the tooth then you would try to hide the smile to avoid any kind of embarrassment. We, at SmileMint Studio in Delhi, have the best dental team that is experienced over years to provide a permanent solution that is also affordable and convenient. Dental veneers are one such option that has many benefits and is also convenient in terms of functionality and maintenance. In this write-up, we provide all the required information about dental veneers. 

So shall we know more about how to make your smile shine with dental veneers? Read on….

What Are Dental Veneers?

Also known as porcelain veneers/laminates, dental veneers are smooth tooth shells that are made from porcelain materials used to cover the frontal part of the teeth that are damaged or crooked or broken due to different reasons. PorcelainVeneers are tooth-colored shells and are wafer-thin custom-made shells that are made according to the shade of your teeth to make them look natural and real. 

Candidates for Dental Veneers

The candidates are eligible for the dental veneers treatment if they have:
  1. Decayed tooth
  2. Chipped tooth 
  3. Missing pieces of tooth 
  4. Crooked tooth
  5. Discolored and stained teeth
  6. Gaps between the teeth

Materials Used in Dental Veneers

Dental veneers focus on providing a more natural look to the teeth just like the real one. After many experiments, the dentists chose porcelain material to be the perfect one to make the veneers. Porcelain material can be easily moulded and also the shade of the natural teeth can be achieved with the porcelain material. Porcelain is more advantageous since it is made from a ceramic material that is of the highest quality and is of very thin layers making the veneers procedure easy to attend to, making it a treatment that is very less invasive. 

Are Veneers Permanent?

The popular dentists in Delhi conclude that dental veneers are not reversible making it more of a permanent option. The dentists suggest that on good maintenance and following the given oral hygiene techniques, the veneers can last up to 10-15 years. 

Benefits of Dental Veneers

A person with healthy teeth and gums structure is highly benefited from the veneers procedure. Some of the notable benefits of the porcelain veneers treatment in Delhi are: 
  1. They give a natural appearance to the teeth that makes it believe for looking more like a real teeth. 
  2. There will not be many food restrictions since the veneers are stain-resisting causing very less to no staining on the veneer on the consumption of colored foods. 
  3. Veneers are low-maintenance making it easy to maintain them with just the basic oral hygiene techniques to keep them stain-free and in good working condition. 
  4. The durability of the veneers is at the higher end making them last longer.
  5. It is a painless procedure and just needs a few hours of dental visit to complete the procedure which makes it a quick restorative technique. 
  6. The color and shade of the teeth can be customized according to the patient’s requirements. 
  7. The veneers can be moulded easily so does not require much shaping like dental crowns. 
  8. The usage of anesthesia will be very less in veneers in comparison to other dental treatments. 

How to Care for Veneers?

Following some of the oral hygiene habits is very important for the success of veneers treatment and here are some of the important points you need to remember: Maintaining good oral hygiene is the baseline for any dental treatment and veneers are not different from this concept. The veneers can also be susceptible to bacterial attacks, plaque and formations that may result in tooth decay or gum infections. Avoid hard foods since chewing very hard foods may lead to damage to veneers such as breaking or chipping out.  Minimizing alcohol and tobacco consumption since they can cause weakening of the dental adhesive /cement used for the veneers attachment to the tooth.  Minimal consumption of dark-colored foods should be strictly followed. Though the porcelain veneers can sustain staining, the long-term durability of the veneer also depends on how less stained it is.  Usage of a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste are highly recommended for the durability of the veneers


1. What Are the Types of Dental Veneers Available?

Dental veneers are commonly available in two types known as porcelain veneers and composite veneers. 

Porcelain veneers are made in the dental lab and prove to be the most chosen option since they are very strong to resist any unexpected damages and are also efficient enough to stand against staining. 

Composite veneers are made from resin material. It is moulded into the shape of the tooth and then attached to your tooth with dental adhesive. 

2. Who Should Not Opt for Dental Veneers?

If you have severe tooth decay then it is important to treat it before using the veneers since the ignore decay can cause extensive dental issues leading to failure of veneers treatment. Also if you have the habit of teeth grinding then it should be mentioned to your dentist since there would be a need for a mouth guard to protect the veneers from getting damaged from teeth grinding. 

3. What Is the Number of Veneers I Would Need?

Our dental expertise at SmileMint Studio suggests that having an even number of veneers will be helpful to maintain a beautiful even smile. So it is suggestible to have two, four, six or eight veneers depending on its requirement that will be examined by the dental team.  

4. Do Veneers Come Under Dental Insurance?

The availability of dental insurance for veneers depends on which insurance company you opt for. Some insurance companies consider it a restorative treatment that is eligible for up to 50% of insurance coverage from the total cost. But before approving the treatment make sure that you discuss the insurance details with both the insurance provider and your prosthodontist. 

5. Is the Veneers Procedure Painful?

The procedure is technically painless since the dental area is numbed before attaching the veneer. If there are more veneers attached then there may be some discomfort after the anaesthetic effect wears off. The dentist will suggest some painkillers that will ease the discomfort in a day or two. 

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