General Dentistry

General dentistry  procedures are performed by general dentists in Delhi who are qualified from reputed dental schools and also having an experience in general dentistry procedures, will add to trust in the expertise of the dentist. 

SmileMint Studio focuses on providing the best of the general dentistry services with an expert team of dentists who are well qualified and also use advanced technological methods of the dental industry to make the patients feel comfortable and have successful dental treatments by keeping away the dental anxiety that, many faces due to the fear of the dental procedures.

What Is General Dentistry?

 General dentistry is the most common area of dentistry that deals with focusing on preventive measures that can be treated to avoid any severe dental issues by performing different dental procedures that comprise evaluation and proper diagnosis dental cleanings, tooth extraction and many other dental procedures. 

Who Is a General Dentist?


A general dentist is a doctor who graduated from dental school and provides complete dental care to adults and kids too with the help of different preventive dental techniques. The general dentists take care of your teeth following a rigid dental check-up once in 6 months to ensure that there are no progressive developments of the dental diseases and it is corrected in the initial stages itself with regular dental checks. 

In general dentistry, a dentist performs a thorough examination of the mouth area that includes, gum, teeth and jaws. On completing the examination, the general dentist goes ahead with professional dental cleaning with the required dental tools. If there is any dental issue that surfaces during this process then the required dental procedures will be performed to resolve the issues. 

Importance of General Dentistry


Having routine dental care is important for overall health and also oral health. Regular brushing and flossing will not be enough since you will not be able to know about any dental issues that will be underlying and growing silently causing severe issues in the future. 

Hence along with the regular dental hygiene followed at home, general dentistry stresses that it is also important to have regular dental checks once in 6 months with a general dentist to analyze the dental situation. 

It is natural to have tooth decay or underlying gum disease due to many factors that affect oral health. When dental issues are unaddressed it can affect overall health too. Preventive dental checks help in early detection and treatments to prevent further damage. 

Some of the dental issues that are noticeably indicating are bleeding of gums, teeth sensitivity, change in the color of the tooth, the tooth appearing to look different and also there will be repetitive pain and discomfort. All these symptoms are mostly seen during everyday brushing and flossing. 

A healthy smile indicates a healthy mind and body so having a routine general dentistry check is very crucial. 

Benefits of General Dentistry Procedures


Treating of Dental Issues

A variety of dental issues such as cavities, plaque buildup and tartar formation on teeth and gums need to be regularly cleaned. If these dental issues are ignored then they can cause severe gum infections and tooth damage. During the general dental check-up, the dentist checks even the soft tissues of the mouth area along with teeth and gums to check for any underlying issues. 

Preventive Measure

While visiting the dentist for regular dental checks, some dental check-up is also made as a preventive measure to avoid oral issues like teeth complications and also oral cancer. The staining of the teeth for the long term can also be avoided with regular teeth polishing that keeps your smile shine brighter. 

Cavities Detection

The technological advancement in the world of general dentistry has come up with many useful dental tools that can detect the cavity formations in the teeth at the early stages itself and provide immediate treatments to avoid any damage to the tooth structure and surrounding gums. The devices such as X-ray machines and intraoral cameras are used to detect dental issues by dentists. 

Tooth Restoration

General dentistry not only includes detection of the dental issues but also includes performing tooth restorations in different ways. General dentists are well qualified to perform the restoration processes such as dental fillings for different reasons. The tooth of the patient may get damaged to decaying or due to grinding and clenching of teeth. A dental fillings procedure is performed to save the remaining part of the healthy tooth. 

General Dentistry Procedures

Some of the dental procedures in general dentistry are:

Restorative Services

Along with providing dental fillings service, general dentistry also includes fixing broken and loosened teeth and even knocked-out teeth. The other restorative procedures include crown placement, dentures placement, dental bridges, root canal treatment, dental implants and even orthodontics. 

Cosmetic Procedures

General dentists are qualified to perform cosmetic procedures that provide a beautiful and brighter smile. Some of the cosmetic procedures performed in general dentistry are cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. 

Preventive Services

Maintaining good oral health is all about following healthy dental practices and also taking required preventive measures to avoid dental diseases. Preventive services by general dentistry are dental cleanings, regular dental examinations and even customized mouth guards made for highly active people. 

Overall Healthcare

Along with different types of dental services, general dentistry also gives required suggestions about general health and wellness and also provides counselling on a nutritional way of living. Some dental problems affect overall health also such as some untreated dental issues that can lead to cardiovascular issues, diabetic issues and also pregnancy complications. General dentistry procedures help to recognise serious dental issues at an earlier stage that protects dental health and also overall well-being. 

How to Choose a Good Dentist for General Dentistry Procedures?


Choosing a good dentist is sometimes tricky since there are many dentists options to choose from. If you are looking for dentists in Delhi, choose the one nearest to your geographical location since there are possibilities of repeated dental visits due to any specific dental treatments that require in-office procedures to be performed. Another important point is to consider online reviews and also get more information from relatives and friends to know the reputation of the general dentist. 

Here are some more tips to look for when you are looking for a good general dentist for performing general dentistry services:

  1. Working hours of the clinic
  2. The office premises should be clean and tidy
  3. The staff members should be friendly and courteous
  4. The dentists should be wearing protective gear and gloves while performing dental treatments
  5. Check if the dental clinic provides emergency dental services
  6. Check if the payment details and related payment information is provided well in advance before the treatment
  7. The usage of technology is also one of the factors, for example, checking if the appointments are booked through sms and also they send reminders for dental appointments.
  8. The dental records are digitally maintained for future references 
  9. The photos of the before and after treatment should be put up to know the prior treatments and success stories and the dentists should also be able to clarify all the doubts that arise before the treatment itself. 

Schedule an appointment today with SmileMint Studio to experience our dental expertise in general dentistry services to have a glittering smile that also enhances your self-confidence. 


1. How Often Should I Have a Dental Check-Up?

Visiting the dentist once in 6 months is highly recommended since many dental issues surface once it has reached an advanced stage. Regular dental checks help prevent this since the dentist can detect the issue earlier.

2. Why Is Flossing So Important?

Though brushing keeps the teeth clean, there are tiny spaces between the teeth that the toothbrush cannot reach. Achieving the riddance of bacteria is easy with regular flossing.

3. Manual Toothbrush Vs. Electric Toothbrush. Which Is Better?

According to recent research by the dental team, both manual and electric toothbrushes perform effectively in removing food debris and avoiding the formation of plaque and tartar. 

4. How to Get Rid of Bad Breath?

Poor oral hygiene is the primary reason for bad breath. Get rid of bad breath with regular brushing and flossing. Cleaning the tongue is also very important. Additionally, regular dental cleanings by a professional are very important to detect any dental issues and resolve them.

5. Why Is an X-Ray Needed in General Procedures?

Some underlying dental issues, such as bone infections, gum infections, and tooth decay, may not be visible in a physical examination and need detailed examination. X-Ray provides early detection of the dental issue before it spreads further. 

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