All on 4 Dental Implants in Delhi

Do you have multiple missing teeth? Are you on dentures and feeling uncomfortable biting an apple or tasting any hard foods since you are worried that your dentures may fall off? Then SmileMint Studio in Delhi provides you with an option to smile and eat any kind of food without any hesitation by implementing the revolutionary implants concept known as “All on 4 dental implants”.  

Dental implants have always been the best teeth replacement option for missing teeth and with the advancement of technology, the new technique approaches towards the placement of multiple implants for full mouth functioning. 

What Are 4 Dental Implants?

When most of the teeth are missing, many opt for dentures. The dentures are placed with adhesives for the functioning of the teeth’ structure. There are chances that the dentures may loosen prematurely due to the loss of adhesives and it may create embarrassment when the dentures are displaced.

The jawbone can lose its strength when there is tooth loss and since there is no pressure from the chewing of food to stimulate the jawbone growth, it starts to degenerate. Dental implants are one of the best techniques to regenerate jawbone density since their placement helps in normal chewing and biting pattern for the teeth that stimulates the nerves and jawbone.  

All on 4 dental implants is a unique technique of dental implant placement in Delhi in which 4 titanium screws that are medically approved are placed in the teeth area to support the entire teeth placement. 

How to Prepare for 4 Implants?

To begin with the implant procedures, the first step is consulting the dentist. On reaching SmileMint Studio in Delhi, you will be directed to an experienced oral surgeon who will take your medical history records and conduct a complete dental examination. These dental checks ensure that there are no underlying dental issues and if there are any, they need to be corrected since 4 implants cannot be placed on an unhealthy teeth structure. 

The dental evaluation results are discussed in detail with the patient to explain the implant procedure and the goals of the treatment to be achieved. Since it is a surgical procedure the patient is well informed about the procedures, the cost factor and the recovery period to ensure that the patient is well prepared for the procedure. 

Procedure For 4 Implants 

On checking the eligibility of the candidate with the required examinations, the surgical procedure in Delhi is confirmed on the required day and time. 


The next stage of the procedure is to take the required measurements for planning to make the implants. Designing custom-fit implants are very important for the perfect fit and comfort of the patient to enhance the stability between the implants, abutment and dental crown. 

Some of the measurements required for implant making are:

Gumline measurement, to know the height of the gum line to make the required length of the implant screws. 

Teeth impressions are taken from all required angles to ensure the underbite or overbite differences are correctly known to make the teeth moulds of the required shape and size and also to make the perfect components required for implants. Once the teeth moulds are ready they are tested with a temporary denture to check their measurements before placing it in the mouth. 

A procedure named alveolectomy is conducted to check how much bone reduction will be necessary for the placement of implants. In this process, the jawbone is measured and a part of the top and bottom of the bone is removed to ensure that the implants and crown placement are aligning with the already present teeth making it look more natural. 

Implant Placement

At the beginning of the surgical procedure, the dental surgeon in Delhi marks and measures the required distance between jaws to ensure that post-procedure also the distance remains the same to keep the facial structure intact. 

The patient will be sedated and the incision is made to remove the damaged tooth and also the infected gums and tooth pulp. The jawbone is exposed for the placement of the implant and the ridge of the jawbone is reduced to make space for the implant. The jawbone is then smoothened. 

The dental tools are used to drill the holes and points are marked for drilling to ensure that the remaining part of the facial anatomy such as nerves and sinuses are not affected. The implants are then placed and tightened to the requirement and the surrounding gum tissues of the implants are closed with sutures. The abutments are next placed and fixed to the ends of the implants. The abutment acts as the holding anchor for the dental crowns. 

Once the abutments are placed, the contact points where the abutments meet are drilled to ensure that the temporary crowns can be well-placed and the bite pattern is checked during this process so that any corrections of the jaw structure needed are done at this stage itself. 

Recovery and Crown Placement 

The dental surgeon gives a list of the instructions to be followed post surgery and regular dental checks will be conducted to monitor the healing process. The implants need atleast 3-4 months to integrate and heal and during this process, it is recommended to consume only soft foods. After the healing process is completed the dentist would take another impression of the teeth to ensure that the progress is as planned. And once the biting structure is checked the crowns are placed and the patient can enjoy the freedom to smile again confidently with the newly placed permanent teeth. 

Advantages of 4 Implants 

Some of the advantages of 4 implants are:

  1. Multiple implants placed at a time cost lesser than single implants
  2. It is a simplified prosthetic procedure 
  3. It is aesthetically appealing and is also can be easily cleaned with a regular oral hygiene routine
  4. The more number of implants gives more space for its placement in the teeth structure
  5. This procedure does not need any bone grafting
  6. It avoids the need for any complicated surgeries

Post-Op Recovery for 4 Implants 

Following the post-op instructions for the recovery of 4 implants is very much needed since the progress of the treatment cannot happen without the healing of the implant placement. Some of the instructions to follow are:

The implants placed should be brushed only after a week of their placement. The normal brushing of the rest of the teeth can be resumed a day after its placement. The dentist will provide mouth rinse to be used for the first-week post-surgery. Use it on daily basis to keep the implants clean. 

Painkillers will be suggested since the first few days can make you feel sore and to ease this discomfort it is important to take the prescribed medications.

There should be no physical activity or lifting of any heavy objects for atleast 5 days post-surgery. 

The integration of the implants takes months to complete and since there are temporary crowns attached any hard and crunchy food should be strictly avoided. Consume only soft foods.

The sutures on the implants dissolve in themselves post healing so they need not be removed but ensure that the healing process should not be disturbed. 

The dentists’ expertise in SmileMint Studio suggests that the healing process of the implants varies from person to person and their tolerance levels towards the healing period. The implant procedure is worth the wait since they act as the permanent solution for the missing teeth structure and the crowns and implant placement will be as good as the natural teeth making it the most chosen tooth replacement technique. 


1. What Is the Duration for All 4 Implants Procedure?

The duration of this procedure is much less than traditional implants since there is no bone grafting procedure, and it is also minimally invasive. It may take 2-3 dental sittings, so you should complete it in 70-72 hours. 

2. Is the All-On-4 Procedure Painful?

The procedure is very less painful than expected. The usage of anesthesia and the dental surgeon’s expertise help complete the procedure with less discomfort. 

3. What Is the Recovery Period for All-On-4 Implants?

The healing process begins immediately after placing the implants. The duration can be from 3-6 months since the gums need some time for recovery. 

4. Do Implants Look Like Natural Teeth?

Yes, implants are the best option for natural-looking teeth compared to other dental restorative options. 

5. Are All-On-4 implants removable?

No, these implants are permanently fixed on the teeth and are not removable. 

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