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What Is the Cost of Dental Veneers in Delhi?

Procedure for Dental Veneers

Veneers are one of the popular tooth restoration methods in Delhi that are designed to cover only the frontal part of the tooth. Veneers are designed in the shape of a shell and act as a long-lasting alternative to the damaged tooth. The veneers are incredibly popular since they improve the aesthetic appearance with minimal cost and the procedure is also minimally invasive which makes more people approach this teeth restoration method. The procedure to apply dental veneers typically involves 3-4 dental visits. Let us know the procedure for dental veneers that needs to be followed:

  • A prior appointment is fixed with the dentist to analyze the complete tooth situation.
  • On arriving at the dental clinic, your medical history details are collected to ensure that you are healthy enough for any dental procedures involved in veneer treatment.
  • The teeth are completely checked with imaging techniques such as X-rays and scans for any issues such as a crooked or cracked tooth. If any such issues are found, they are treated with braces before going ahead with the veneer treatment.
  • One of the important points to be noted in this step is, if there is any tooth decay or periodontal disease is found then you will not be eligible for veneers treatment.
  • In the next appointment, the dentist will scrape a thin layer of the enamel with the grinding tool to make the tooth ready for the veneers also the impression of the tooth is taken by dental cement to exactly know the size and shape of the tooth for which the veneer is to be made.
  • The tooth impression is sent to the lab to make the veneer. It would typically take 6-15 days to prepare a veneer. Once the veneer is ready the dental appointment would be fixed for placing of veneers.
  • In this last dental appointment, the dentist checks the veneer with the damaged tooth to ensure that it has the proper fit to cover the frontal part of the tooth.
  • Once the veneer fit is perfect, the dentist cleans the teeth structure thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there are no bacterial attacks on the veneer after its placement.
  • On completion of cleaning the tooth is made a little rough with the grinding tool to ensure that the veneer sticks properly to the tooth. Dental cement is applied to the tooth and the veneer is placed on the tooth. The dental cement that is out of the boundary of the veneer is scraped out and ultraviolet light is used to harden the cement to make it a stronger base for the veneer.

The duration of the veneer placement depends on the number of teeth that needs veneers. If it is a single veneer then the placement and curing would hardly take 2 hours. If anesthesia usage is required then the procedure may take a bit longer to complete.

Cost Factors to Choose Teeth Veneers

The different factors are involved in finalizing the process of the veneers. Along with the materials involved, the location of the clinic and also the dentist’s fees will decide the fees for the veneer treatment. Let us look into all the cost factors that will be considered for choosing the veneers:

Materials Used in the Veneer – The materials that can be used for the types of veneers are porcelain and composite resin.

A porcelain veneer is made with porcelain material in the dental lab and then put on the tooth of the patient with the help of dental adhesives.

Composite resin is mixed in the dental office itself and there will be no involvement of the dental lab in this veneer-making. The resin is then mixed to match the color of the tooth. On matching the suitable color, it is applied directly on the teeth and a curing light is used for hardening the resin that gives it the shape of a tooth.

Choosing the Perfect Type of Veneer 

Whether to choose a composite veneer or a porcelain veneer is the dilemma for the cost factor. A composite veneer is much cheaper than a porcelain veneer. But only looking into the cost will not help, since the quality of composite veneer is also less and it would last only 2-5years.

The porcelain veneers are a bit higher-end but they last up to 15 years when maintained well. It works as a long-term solution and will also act as good stain resistance.

Number of Veneers

The cost of the veneers will also vary with the number of veneers. Some dentists suggest that a full set of veneers will cost lesser than the individual veneers and since it can be used only for the frontal teeth the cost will still be affordable. Veneers are not suitable for molar teeth and dental crowns will be recommended for them.

Upper and Lower Teeth 

You may consider having veneers for both upper and lower teeth but technically most of the time the lower teeth are not completely seen even while smiling. The dentist can still suggest covering the lower teeth well and having double veneers for both upper and lower teeth may not be needed and only upper teeth veneers will be sufficient. This reduces the cost of the veneers.

Fees of the Dentist – The dentist fees will also be majorly considered one of the most important factors for the cost of veneers. The experience of the dentist, and specialization of the dentist and also the location of the clinic will all be combined to finalize the cost of veneers treatment.

Additional Treatments – If the dental check-up results in the need for braces, invisaligners or teeth whitening then it may increase the cost of veneers. The veneers cannot be placed on misaligned teeth and the teeth whitening procedure cannot be performed on veneers. So these teeth situations will be one of the deciding factors of the treatment.

Cost of Dental Veneers Treatment in Delhi   

On considering all the above factors mentioned, the Porcelain Veneers cost (on average) will be Rs 12000 – Rs 15000 per tooth.

Composite Veneers cost per tooth will range between Rs 5000 – Rs 8000.

With a little research and careful planning with the dentist, having a beautiful aesthetic smile with dental veneers at a very reasonable cost is a possibility in Delhi.

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