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Signs You Need Dental Veneering in Delhi

What is Dental Veneering?

Smile designing is a part of dentistry that focuses on giving the best of the smiles with different dental techniques that are effective and also affordable. The dental veneer is one such tooth-shaped shell that is custom-made to cover the tooth that is misshaped or has any other teeth issues.

Dental veneers are made from dental materials that are standardized by dental associations and are mostly used to cover the frontal teeth. Veneers can fix the color, size, length and shape issues of the tooth. In this write up let us know some of the signs that are suggested by the dental practitioners to notice if you need dental veneers.

Signs You Need Teeth Veneering in Delhi 

Here is a list of dental flaws that can be considered for implementing veneers in Delhi:

Stained Teeth – Colored foods such as tea, coffee, wine and even tobacco can lead to discoloration and staining of teeth. Veneers are primarily suggested for the same.

Teeth Issues – Some of the teeth issues that may lead to veneers are tooth chipping, cracking, or even the size variations of the tooth.

Alignment Issues – The veneer is the best choice for minor tooth alignment issues. If the tooth is severely misaligned then braces can be the only solution.

Cosmetic Issues – If you have multiple cosmetic issues such as misalignment, chipped tooth or teeth stains then veneers act as the best covering dental technique that is safe and also does not involve any surgical processes.

Enamel Erosion – Enamel erosion can happen due to the consumption of sugary foods, genetics and also poor oral hygiene habits. The enamel erosion makes the teeth more sensitive and also weak. Veneers can protect the teeth from any damage.

Other Reasons – Teeth gaps, worn-out teeth and uneven teeth can be the other reasons to choose dental veneers.

Types of Dental Veneers 

Porcelain Veneer – This is made from porcelain material and it is moulded in a dental by taking prior measurements. The prepared veneer is cemented on the tooth. Making a veneer with CAD/CAM technology is the current trend and this is a quick process that can be done by your dentist in the dental clinic itself.

Composite Resin Veneer – In this type of veneer, the dentist uses composite resin to make the veneer which is also used in dental bonding. The surface of the tooth will be scraped a little and then the composite resin material is applied to the prepared veneer and then cemented to the affected tooth. A special light will be used for curing and hardening the veneer on your tooth for it to be more effective.

No-Prep Veneers – This is a custom-made veneer that is very less invasive in comparison to the other veneer types. There will be very less enamel scraping for this veneer but the suitability of it will be decided by your dental practitioner.

Benefits of Dental Veneers 

Natural Look – The veneers look as natural as the permanent tooth and they cannot be recognized until it is told. This brings a great level of confidence to smile without any hesitation.

Increased Confidence – The flawless smile that comes with the veneers will not show any traces of the procedure making it very appealing and boosting self-confidence because there is no more need to hide the smile due to any dental issues such as crookedness, cracked or chipped tooth.

Lesser Removal of Enamel – It is a known fact that over the years when the tooth loses its enamel content the teeth will lose its strength. But in the veneer procedure, a very thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth surface to ensure proper fit of the veneer o the tooth.

Prevents Discoloring of Tooth – The teeth health can be seen with the variety of foods consumed by you. The color of the veneer may get faded and there can be discoloring of the tooth due to some of the dark-colored foods that should be avoided regularly to ensure that the veneer treatment does not fail due to neglected food consumption.

Easy Maintenance – Veneers can be maintained very well with minimal cost and effort. They are strong in resisting tooth cavities and also permanent stains but regular oral hygiene and dental follow-ups are very important to avoid long-lasting stains and cavities.

How to Care for Dental Veneers?

If you want your dental veneers to last longer, here are some of the tips that make you realize how easily you can take care of your veneers:

Avoid hard foods since they may come at the risk of breaking the veneer or even chipping it out. The veneers are highly durable and won’t break so easily but hard foods are risky on any given day. Also, avoid chewing any hard objects such as pencils, nails and ice.

It is important to have regular dental checks once in 6 months to ensure the veneer placement is cleaned often to avoid any plaque formations and also to polish the veneers.

Strictly avoid the consumption of alcohol since it will weaken the veneer’s bonding cement and loosen and damage the veneer.

If you have the issue of teeth clenching or grinding then the veneer safety might be compromised. So it is suggested to use a mouthguard that is customized accordingly to protect your veneer at night.

It is highly recommended to reduce smoking and consuming colored foods that may cause staining to the veneers.

Using a soft toothbrush is recommended since hard bristles may cause wear and tear. Use fluoride toothpaste that has whitening agents in it that removes the stains and also whiten the veneer.

Dental veneers are a good fit for visible teeth issues and the best quality dental veneers are available in Delhi at your nearest dental clinic.

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