cost of dental bridge in delhi

The Cost Of Dental Bridge in Delhi

Bridging the gaps between your missing teeth so that you can have a wholesome smile is the purpose behind a dental bridge. A dental bridge consists of a false tooth that is held in place by abutment teeth on either side of the gap.

Abutments are teeth that support the bridge and they can be either your natural teeth or dental implants. False teeth (pontics) are teeth that bridge the gap between the abutments. There can be more than one pontic if you are missing several teeth in a row.

Most false teeth (pontics) are made from a variety of materials, but porcelain is preferred as it can blend aesthetically with your natural teeth. In the next section, we have discussed the cost of a dental bridge in Delhi.

What is the cost of a dental bridge in Delhi?

The price of a dental bridge is determined by many factors. We have listed them below:

  1. The number of teeth required to fill the gap of missing teeth
  2. The material used in making the implants of the dental bridge
  3. The difficulty or complexity of the placement
  4. Additional treatments for dental issues like cavities or gum disease
  5. The geographic location of the dental clinic

In the following section, we have discussed the types of dental bridges that are available.

Types of dental bridges

We have discussed the different types of dental bridges that a dentist can offer you:

  1. Traditional Dental Bridge:

    This is the most common type of bridge and it consists of a false tooth/ teeth being held in place by abutment teeth. This type is used when you have natural teeth on both sides of the gap. 

  2. Cantilever Bridge:

    This dental bridge is based on the cantilever design and is less common now. These bridges have one abutment tooth for support instead of two. This dental treatment is ideal for patients who have teeth on only one side of the gap or missing tooth.

  3. Implant Supported Bridge:

    This dental bridge is very similar to the conventional fixed bridge. Retainer crowns are placed over the dental implants rather than your natural teeth.

The cost of a dental bridge is also determined by the type of dental bridge you require. In general, traditional and cantilever bridges belong in the same price range. Implant supported bridges are priced on the higher side.

In the next section, we have discussed why dental bridges are a recommended solution for missing teeth

Benefits of Dental Bridge

Dental bridges bring you many benefits. We have listed them below:

  1. Restored aesthetics as you will have a complete smile
  2. Restored function
  3. Alignment and maintenance of your teeth over time
  4. Restores your speech and punctuation
  5. Preventing your remaining teeth from moving out of their correct position

Dental bridges are a great option and your responsibility doesn’t end at just getting them. You need to take proper care of them and maintain them. In the next section, we have given tips on how to care for your dental bridges. 

How to care for your dental bridges?

The tips discussed below will prolong the life of your dental bridges and keep your smile beautiful for a long time:

  1. Keep a good oral hygiene regimen that includes regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing.
  2. Be regular with your dental checkups and routine cleanings
  3. Be careful while consuming foods that are especially, hard, sticky, or tough

Dental Bridges are a type of restoration for missing teeth that consists of one or more pontics supported by abutments on either side. There are different ways of dental bridges and a particular type would suit your needs. 

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