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Dental Scaling Cost in Delhi: The Complete Picture

Your mouth is a reflection of your general health. As people are becoming more aware of their dental health they are taking the necessary steps to maintain their oral hygiene. Gone are the days when brushing your teeth was considered more than sufficient.

Now dental scaling has taken the limelight as it addresses many issues which a simple toothbrush can never address. Harmful bacteria form plaque and tartar in the mouth which cannot be removed by brushing.

Dental Scaling is a specialized procedure that removes excessive calculus, bacterial deposits, plaque, and tartar that is present beneath the gum line and cannot be removed by daily brushing. Dental scaling is very effective in stopping the spread of periodontal diseases affecting your gums.

In the next section, we discuss what to expect from the procedure of dental scaling 

What to expect from the procedure of Dental Scaling at Smile Mint studio?

Dental scaling is a very common procedure but still many people are anxious about getting this procedure done. At Smile Mint Studio we understand the anxiety that entails a dental visit and we do our utmost to make them feel comfortable.

Before we begin the procedure we ask you regarding your main concern, any medication that you are on, or any previous procedure you have undergone. It is mandatory to know if the patient is taking any blood thinner or has a pacemaker, etc.

During the oral examination, we check for areas of deposits, gum bleeding, teeth decay, and so forth.

An ultrasonic scaler with specialized scaler tips reaches out to every surface and gap around the teeth to remove the hidden tartar or plaque from the teeth and gums. We use only feather touch to remove the deposits and stains gently from your teeth without harming the natural tooth structure. 

Along with this procedure, continuous water irrigation is done to form a cavitation effect  and make the debris removal more effective. Water is sucked out by a suction machine continuously. This keeps you comfortable and helps us finish the procedure quickly and efficiently.

Now that we have discussed the procedure of dental scaling followed at our clinic, let’s bust some myths associated with it in the next section

Busting myths of Dental Scaling


  • Dental scaling causes the enamel to shed weakening the teeth

This is a myth and it is absolutely incorrect. Scaling removes only the superficial deposited tartar debris and stains and it doesn’t harm the tooth enamel in any way.

  • Dental scaling increases the gap between the teeth

This is a very commonly heard myth. Dental scaling cannot increase the gap between the teeth. It only removes the harmful deposits that have accumulated in the gap between the teeth. For closing the gaps, you can consult our cosmetic dentist for further treatment.

  • Teeth Cleaning and teeth whitening are the same

This is a myth. Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are two completely different procedures. With dental scaling teeth appear white because the stains are removed whereas in the teeth whitening procedure the shade of the teeth is changed due to bleaching agents and it is a cosmetic procedure.

In the next section, we have discussed the main focus of the article – The cost of Dental scaling in Delhi

What is the Dental Scaling Cost In Delhi?

The cost of dental scaling in Delhi depends on several factors. We have listed them below:

  1. The type and amount of stains on the teeth
  2. The extent of gum disease and gum loss
  3. Age of the patient
  4. The number of dental visits required
  5. Any systemic disease the patient is suffering from
  6. Additional procedures required 

The dental scaling costs can start from 1000 INR onwards depending on the above mentioned factors

Dental Scaling is a great cleaning process that removes all the stubborn stains and tartar from your teeth that daily brushing cannot do. It is a type of professional dental cleaning and the recommended treatment for patients suffering from gum diseases.

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