dental implants procedure and cost in delhi

Know All About Dental Implants Procedure and Cost in Delhi

Top Reasons to Choose Dental Implants 

Dental implants treatment is one of the popular and excellent teeth restoration procedures that are chosen by many in Delhi even when it is a time-consuming surgical procedure and is a bit higher in cost. The results of the implant procedure are long-lasting and aesthetically improve the overall appearance with the most beautiful smile ever.

Dental implants are devices that act as artificial tooth roots that hold the dental crown and also protect the teeth structure b avoiding any periodontal issues that can arise in the empty tooth root structure. The important devices used in dental implants are titanium screws, abutments and dental crowns. The implants planted through surgery can be single or multiple depending on the requirement of the patient.

Some of the top reasons to choose dental implants surgery are listed below:

Natural Look – In comparison to other teeth restoration techniques, dental implants look very natural and no one can make out the difference between the implants and the real teeth. The dental pieces of equipment used and the expertise of the dentist makes it looks like real teeth and it can be easily adapted by the patients undergoing the procedure.

Restores Teeth Function – The missing tooth causes issues such as difficulty in biting and also affects the alignment of teeth causing bacterial and gum infections. Dental implants restore the artificial tooth in place of the missing tooth which naturally restores the biting force of the teeth and also keeps the teeth structure healthy since the oral hygiene practices followed after implants keep the gum infections and bacterial infections away from the teeth structure.

Most Reliable Option – Other restoration methods such as veneers and dentures cannot be reliable since veneers can break and the dentures can slip and fall out of their place making it more of an embarrassing situation. Dental implants don’t break or fall off since they are secured well with titanium screws that are medically approved and will not hinder any jaw movements.

Durable and Long-Lasting – The dentures last for 5 to 7 years and the dental bridges may last 9 to 10 years. But dental bridges last 15-20 years and rarely need any replacement.

Prevents Loss of Bone – The space of the toothless area creates an empty jawbone that makes space for more periodontal infections. The bone will also lose its stability and it may and it deteriorates slowly along with time. The degeneration of the bone can be avoided by dental implants.

Avoids Face Sagging – Teeth bone loss leads to the reduction of the distance between the chin and the nose leading to the sagging of the face by sudden formations of the wrinkles on the face, thinning the lips and making the face look very older. Dental implants replace bone strength and restore facial structure and make you look younger too with newly placed teeth.

Prevents Misalignment – The gaps created by the missing tooth causes the adjacent teeth to move left or right. The shifting that happens slowly but constantly causes misalignment of the teeth leading to pronunciation issues, wear and tear of the teeth and also bacterial formation. These multiple problems can be resolved with the placement of dental implants.

Improved Appearance – Missing tooth can hinder your smile and it is natural to feel hesitant to smile with a missing tooth space. Dental implants restore a beautiful smile and also make you look dazzling with the confidence the smile brings along with it.

Easy Maintenance – Most teeth replacement solutions come at a cost of high-level maintenance to ensure their durability of them. But maintaining dental implants is hassle-free since it just needs care like the real normal teeth such as brushing, flossing and toothpaste and mouthwash.

Dental Implant Procedure

The duration of dental implants treatment lasts up to 9-10 months. It is an outpatient procedure that is performed in stages and involves more healing time between the procedures. The procedure is done with the inducing of anesthesia.

Placing an implant involves the dental surgeon cutting the gum that exposes the jawbone. If the tooth is completely damaged it is extracted before cutting the gums. The holes are drilled into the jawbone to place the titanium screws. The implants placed can cause little swelling and discomfort that lasts only for a few days and to reduce the discomfort the dental surgeon provides painkillers. The implants placed are protected with a temporary cap.

Osseointegration is the next process that involves the healing of the implants to get integrated with the jawbone and it helps the growth of new bone making it a stronger base for the placement of the abutment. The bone integration takes atleast 2-6 months.

Placing the abutment is the next procedure. The temporary cap placed on the implants is removed and a metal extender named abutment is screwed on the implants with another incision. The gum tissue grows and surrounds the abutment and this stage also involves a few weeks of healing.

The placing of the artificial crown is the last step in the dental implant procedure. Once the healing process of the abutment is completed, the dentist will thoroughly check the healed space and then places the artificial crown on it. There are two types of crowns available as options. The removable tooth will be placed on a metal frame and fixed to the abutment. It can be removed for cleaning on daily basis. The permanent tooth will be fixed on the abutment with dental cement. It should be regularly cleaned with brushing and flossing.

The dental implants will be checked with regular dental follow-ups for their proper placement.

 Dental ImplantCost in Delhi 

In Delhi, dental implant cost depends on the dental pieces of equipment used and also the type of dental implant used.

The average cost of dental implants in Delhi can be between Rs 25000 – Rs 50000.

Having dental implants has multiple benefits since it corrects speech and biting issues along with giving a beautiful smile that lasts forever with the good care of the implants.

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