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Dental Implantation Cost Delhi 101: Everything there is to know

A dental implant consists of a metal screw which is positioned into the jawbone beneath the gums. The implant fuses into the jawbone to provide firm support for artificial teeth dentures and bridges when they are mounted on the implant.

This is a type of dental treatment where the missing teeth are replaced with titanium screws on top of which a crown is attached in the oral cavity. This treatment is recommended for people who have missing teeth. 

Most dentists recommend dental implants as they are a permanent solution for missing teeth. In this article, we discuss everything there is to know about Dental implantation cost, Delhi.

Dental Implantation Cost Delhi: Why is replacing missing teeth so important?

The problem of missing teeth doesn’t stop at missing teeth. It affects the jaw bone as well. Missing teeth affects the bone quality and it eventually leads to its deterioration. Over time, placing implants would also be difficult as the jawbone requires stimulation to retain its mass.

Natural teeth provide this stimulation and in the case of missing teeth, there is nothing helping the jaw bone to retain its mass making dental implants all the more necessary. 

What is the procedure of dental implants?

The procedure of dental implants takes place in multiple sessions. After the initial consultation and diagnosis, the dentist will take the impression of your teeth to create a dental crown that matches it.

In the place of the missing tooth, a titanium screw is fixed. This screw acts like the dental roots of your natural teeth. Once it fuses with your jawbone, abutment is placed on the crown which acts like a bridge between the crown and the screw.

The crown which is also a cap is fixed on top of the abutment firmly and it covers the entire space. It looks and functions like your natural tooth and this completes your set of teeth bringing back your lost smile and glow.

The advantages of Dental implants 

Dental implants mimic the natural tooth as much as possible and require no special care as such. We have listed the other advantages attributed to this treatment:

  1. It may be expensive initially, but it is economical in the long run
  2. There is no damage to the adjacent teeth
  3. It has a very long lifespan
  4. It provides the same chewing efficiency your natural teeth give you.

That is why most dentists recommend dental implants to their patients as it enhances their lifestyle for the better.

Coming to the meat of the article. We have discussed the cost of dental implants in Delhi in the next section.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants depends on the type of implant and the service charge levied by the dental clinic. It doesn’t require a hospital stay as the surgical process lasts up to an hour. 

Since these implants last a lifetime with proper care they turn out to be economical in the long run as they don’t require additional investments in the future. Once it fits, you are good to go.

How to get value from your dental implants?

Dental implants are regarded as a permanent solution to missing teeth by the dental community. You can get more value from your implants by following these steps:

  1. Brush twice a day using an interdental brush that slides between your teeth after brushing your teeth with your regular toothpaste and brush. 
  2. Smoking is not only injurious to your health, but it is detrimental to your implants as well. Tobacco weakens the jawbone to such an extent that your dental implants will fail to work. Quit smoking if you want your implants to work.

Dental implants are a new age solution to an age old problem. The problem of missing teeth can now easily be rectified thanks to dental implants. They not only look and act like your natural teeth, but they also last very long making them a worthwhile investment.

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