dental root canal treatment cost in delhi

How Much Does Dental Root Canal Treatment Cost in Delhi

Are you concerned about the dental root canal treatment cost in Delhi? Or doubtful that it will be a hard procedure.

You already experience the discomfort of a dental infection. Therefore, root canal therapy frees you from your uncomfortable illness.

Root Canal Treatment

One of the most typical procedures carried out in a dental office is root canal therapy. Because they worry about experiencing pain, patients might be anxious about having a root canal and also the root canal treatment cost. The main goal of a root canal procedure in Delhi is to salvage an infected tooth and protect the surrounding tissues.

When teeth become infected or damaged, root canal therapy is performed. It is a successful medical technique that may repair your tooth while also eliminating the affected areas. After the roots have been cleaned, the tooth is adequately supported to function by the insertion of a crown.

You will learn more about the root canal therapy cost through this article, as well as the factors affecting the price.

When Should I Get a Root Canal Treatment For An Infected Tooth?

During a root canal operation, the endodontist or a root canal specialist performs a tooth-saving technique. The infection is removed from the tooth, saving the severely decayed or damaged tooth.

  1. Deep tooth cavity
  2. Fracture or injury to the teeth
  3. Persistent gum disease
  4. Teeth with stains
  5. Sensitivity to heat and cold
  6. Pus coming from a certain tooth
  7. Planned Root Canal for Crown Installation

The primary cause of a patient needing a root canal is a deep cavity that has started to exhibit symptoms and is encroaching on the blood and nerve supply of the teeth. 

On the side that hurts, the patient has acute or persistent pain that eventually becomes intolerable. The discomfort may start suddenly, come on when drinking hot or cold liquids, or come on when chewing.

How Does Root Canal Treatment In Dentistry Work?

A local anesthetic will be used by the dentist to numb the patient where the root canal will be performed. Conscious individuals may also be recommended in cases of rare anxiety. The infected pulp is removed using endodontic tools, and then a thorough cleaning is performed. 

The final phase of a root canal involves filling the canals, which is followed by a tooth filling in the decaying area using either the most recent tooth-colored fillings or silver amalgam. The dentist may need to drain an abscess if one is present; this might take a few days, and a further appointment is likely needed to complete the operation. The teeth with root canal treatments could or might not need crowns.

Dental Root Canal Treatment Cost In Delhi

If the tooth is severely decayed and injured or if you have tooth or gum discomfort for any of the following causes, your dentist may advise a root canal procedure.

If the tooth is severely decayed and injured or if you have tooth or gum discomfort for any of the following causes, your dentist may advise a root canal procedure.

  1. Plaque buildup causing tooth cavities
  2. Accidentally chipped or fractured teeth 
  3. Diseases or infections of the gums
  4. Repeated dental treatment on a certain tooth

These factors result in pulp inflammation and irreparable damage, both of which are excruciatingly painful. When the pulp dies, the discomfort could go away, but when the infection spreads, it might come back.

The root canal therapy cost in Delhi is determined by a variety of variables, including the severity of the infection, the position of the teeth (front or back), the needed number of sessions, and others. In Delhi, a root canal procedure starts at around Rs. 2,000.

Root canal treatment types and costs

Depending on the severity of the dental infection, various types of root canal therapy are used.

Nonsurgical Root Canal Therapy

This is a popular kind of root canal therapy used to repair severely decayed teeth. The inner nerve tissues are eliminated, and the inner canals are sealed, all without the need for any soft tissue surgery. When just the nerves of the tooth have been damaged, this procedure is used and the compromised tooth is filled.

In Delhi, the price of non-surgical root canal therapy ranges from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 4,500.


When non-surgical therapy is unable to eradicate deep infections, an apicoectomy is the next course of action. Through this microsurgical treatment, the tooth infection that has migrated to the jawbones is treated. To reach the root tip during this treatment, a local anesthetic must be used. A filling substance plugs the canal after cleansing and getting rid of the infection.

In Delhi, apicoectomy costs between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 10,000.

Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy

To preserve the child’s natural teeth, pulpotomies, and pulpectomies are common therapeutic root canal operations for children. The two processes differ in the following ways:

  1. Pulpotomy: When a section of the child’s tooth or its inner tissues is injured, a pulpotomy is performed. Here, the good pulp tissues are kept and only the diseased or damaged pulp is removed. Pulpotomies start at 1500 rupees per tooth.
  2. Pulpectomy: When tooth decay or serious infection necessitates the removal of the whole pulp, a pulpectomy is performed. The pulp is entirely removed during this surgery and injected with fillers. A pulpectomy costs Rs. 3000 per tooth and more.

Factors influencing the root canal therapy cost in Delhi

We are aware that the fundamental cost of a root canal treatment varies depending on the tooth’s health, the kind of crown selected, and whether the procedure is performed on a child’s milk tooth or a permanent tooth. Other elements that affect the price include

The Location Of The Dental Office

Dental offices that are far from where you live may incur additional travel expenses on top of the cost of treatment. Additionally, the cost of therapy varies from city to city.

The Severity Of Tooth Infection

The cost of a root canal depends on the extent of the damage, how many teeth need to be treated, and where the tooth is located. Due to the difficulty of cleaning the dental canal in the rear tooth, the front tooth’s treatment is less expensive than the back tooth’s.

Equipment Used

Electrically driven devices can be utilized to do painless root canal treatment treatments digitally. These cutting-edge tools, including rotary systems, digital X-rays, and automated apex locators, expedite treatment and boost success rates, but they can be more expensive by 30–40% compared to standard treatment expenses.

Choice of crown material

Typically, a crown is put on a tooth after a root canal to protect it from additional decay or damage and restore it to full function. The crown materials like Metal ceramic and Zirconia also affect the final cost of the root canal procedure.

This article might assist you in removing any uncertainties or issues you may have regarding the price of a root canal procedure. The location, state of the injured tooth, number of teeth damaged, kind of crown utilized, and many other factors all have an impact on the root canal treatment cost in Delhi.




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