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Benefits of Laser Dental Treatment in Delhi NCR

Are you suffering from a periodontal infection or root canal infection? Do you feel anxiety about dental treatments and the pain and discomfort attached to them? Then read on to know about Laser techniques in dental treatments that have many benefits and also cause no discomfort during dental procedures.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a branch in the world of dentistry that treats some of the dental issues that involve invasive procedures. In contrast to the traditional dental treatments that cause discomfort and pain, the laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) device used in the dental treatments is very less invasive and also caused less to no discomfort making the procedure easier and also less time-consuming. The ray of light emitted from the laser is focused particularly on the dental tissue that needs to be eliminated or corrected. It causes very less bleeding and also no sutures will be required post-treatment with laser.

Teeth Problems Treated with Laser 

  1. Nerve injuries on jaw and face
  2. Gum diseases
  3. Sensitivity in teeth
  4. Cavities or tooth decay
  5. Removing oral tumours
  6. Root canal infections
  7. Removal of tissues in the throat causing sleep apnea

Benefits of Laser Dental Surgery

Decreases Bleeding and Infection

The rays of the laser are so strong that it causes blood clotting causing very minimal blood loss during the procedure. The laser also eliminates the bacterial and fungal presence causing any teeth damage by sterilizing the affected area.

Adjustable Wavelength 

Different dental treatments require different wavelengths of the laser beam to be used. The adjustable device allows the passing of the required laser light accordingly. In this way, the dentist has the maximum control over the beams to be released making the treatment procedure easier and making the patient comfortable completing the dental needs.

Quick Recovery and Healing Time 

The traditional methods of dental treatments use handheld tools for the procedure. At times, the dental tools used may affect the surrounding teeth and gums. But laser precisions are so incredible that it targets only the affected area and does not cause any damage to the surrounding teeth or gums. Since the precision is very minimal the trauma caused is also very minimal which results in quick recovery of the wound reducing the healing time.

Very Less Invasive 

The need for anesthesia does not arise in laser dental treatments resulting in lesser pressure and heat. There will be no dental drills resulting in zero vibrations for teeth and gums. All these collectively result in reducing the pain and discomfort to the patient during the dental procedure. The patient will feel very comfortable during the procedure hence there will be no anxiety too.

Protects the Teeth’ Structure

The handheld tools used in dental procedures can be drilling tools causing hairline cracks on the teeth due to the drilling pressure making it a dental trauma. But in laser treatments, there is no such trauma attached to them keeping the teeth structure safe and healthy.

What to Expect During Laser Treatment 

Once you approach a dental clinic in Delhi NCR, a prior appointment will be given and upon arriving at the clinic, a thorough dental checkup will be conducted to analyze the situation on confirming the need for dental treatment, the benefits of laser treatment are explained.

The laser dentistry for a tooth-filling process will be a simple procedure.

The lasers are so strong and incisive pointed directly at the dental issue so there will be no drilling tools involved making the procedure almost painless.

There will be bleeding during the procedure but it will be removed immediately by the dentist.

Post-Op Care for Laser Dental Treatment

  1. Since the lasers cause very less pain and discomfort there will be no specific painkillers given post-procedure.
  2. The healing process should be disrupted and there should not be any dislodging of the blood clot.
  3. For the initial 24 hours, you should avoid crunchy, hard and acidic foods. Consume only soft foods.
  4. After one week of the procedure, you can start using a manual brush for brushing but ensure that the bristles do not touch the gumline or gums.
  5. Flossing should be done on daily basis to remove the food debris from the teeth structure.
  6. It is suggested to be the consumption of regular food and also to start regular oral hygiene habits only after a week of the treatment to ensure proper healing is completed.

Laser treatment is the most suggested form of dental treatment by the top dentists in Delhi NCR as it turns out to be a boon to the dental industry since it treats periodontal diseases and also and also helps in speedy recovery by repairing damaged bones and gums in the teeth structure.

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